Recent Case Successes in Alameda California

Dismissed Car Jacking & Elder Abuse Charges

Client faced life because he had 9 strike priors, one requiring sex registration. Our Alameda criminal defense attorney proceeded through Preliminary Hearing and after arraignment and pre trial hearings in trial court, we got case dismissed.

Dismissed Felony Case

Eight Felony Count case dismissed two days before trial. Counts included three rapes and two assaults with deadly weapon. Client faced more than 80 years. Investigation proved victim, ex-girl friend, was making false accusations.

Weapon Brandishing & Threats

Two counts of brandishing a weapon and making terrorist threats. Case dismissed on day of trial because we showed that the witnesses’ identifications were erroneous.

White Collar Case

White collar case involved 94 felony counts of insurance fraud and prison exposure of 200 years. We negotiated a deal and client pled guilty to four counts, got 8 months home detention with bracelet.

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Assault with A Deadly Weapon

Client charged with assault with deadly weapon (use of his car, and other charge, against Sheriff’s Department uniformed Security Aide). We proceeded through Preliminary Hearing, and at Trial Readiness Hearing, got dismissal after one year deferral of prosecution.

Possession of Marijuana

Marijuana Cultivation of more than 435 plants and Possession for Sale of non-citizen. Negotiated misdemeanor deal for possession of less than 30 grams of Marijuana.

DUI Charges

Client charged with DUI. Case was dismissed when we proved she was passenger, got into driver’s seat after the crash, and her boyfriend had been driving. We also won DMV Admin Per Se Suspension Hearing.

Attempted Murder and Multiple Firearm Counts

Felony Counts, including two attempted murder charges, and multiple firearms counts, with enhancements. We persuaded the DA (Pre-PX) to accept Plea to One count of Felon in Possession of Firearm, which defendant admitted during interrogation. We showed the two victims were hopelessly confused or misrepresenting the facts and we proved the shooter was not the client, but other parties.