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Facing legal disputes?

It’s not possible to always be one the same page as everyone else, but when disputes disrupt your personal and work life, it’s best to get legal help from an experienced civil litigation attorney. The Law Offices of Andrew Dósa can provide legal assistance in the following:

  • Business Litigation

  • Breach of Contract

  • Property Damage

  • Personal Injury Claims

  • Consumer Litigation

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Legal questions or concerns?

Our experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Andrew Dósa can answer questions and address your concerns regarding criminal defense, civil litigation, and estate planning.

Explore Your Legal Options

As the injured party, you can file a civil lawsuit to seek monetary damages for the harm that you suffered, whether it was physical, emotional, or financial. Taking civil action may also help you get an injunction to cease and desist, return of property that belongs to you, or other specific remedies. As your civil litigation attorney, it’s our role to establish wrongful or negligent acts of the other party and take action to ensure that you get your just compensation and desired outcome.

If you’re the one being sued, you could be liable for damages and find yourself in a dispute with both the plaintiff and your insurance provider. The Law Offices of Andrew Dósa can provide legal representation during or negotiation or trial, and prove that you were wrongly accused or that the other party suffered no harm.

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