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Every person should have a comprehensive estate plan. Everyone wants to express their final wishes to their loved ones, but without the proper legal arrangements, it becomes difficult to do so. By establishing an estate plan, you can have peace of mind knowing that the future of your family is secured. Talk to our California estate planning attorney to create an estate plan to protect your assets and your legacy.

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Our experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Andrew Dósa can answer questions and address your concerns regarding criminal defense, civil litigation, and estate planning.

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With 23 years of experience in civil/business litigation, criminal defense, personal injury claims, and estate planning, you can rest assured that you are getting the best legal help to protect your assets and safeguard your family’s future. Call the Law Offices of Andrew Dósa at 510-333-4564 or ask us a question through the contact form below to create your estate plan today!


A trust can protect your assets and ensure your family’s future in a way that a will cannot. Our California trust attorney can help you create a trust to protect your legacy and ensure that your final wishes are followed.


A last will and testament lets you relay your wishes and provide instructions about what to do with your estate after death. Our experienced California wills attorney can help draft a will that has you and your family’s bests interests in mind.


The probate process can be expensive and take a long time, making it difficult for your family to receive the estate you left behind for them. Our probate attorneys can represent you in court and ensure that your family receives your legacy.

Power of Attorney

This legal document grants someone you trust with the authority to make decisions for you if you become incapacitated. Our estate planning attorney can help you put these measures in place so you’re always prepared for the unexpected.