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Facing allegations of domestic violence?

It’s not unusual for disputes to arise within a household, but with intense emotions, conflicts can easily escalate to a verbal or physical battle. Domestic violence is taken seriously, and a conviction will have great consequences. If you’re facing charges of domestic violence, reach out to a San Francisco Bay Area criminal defense attorney immediately.

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Our experienced attorney at the Law Offices of Andrew Dósa can answer questions and address your concerns regarding criminal defense, civil litigation, and estate planning.

Definition of Domestic Violence

State law defines domestic violence as the physical, emotional, and sexual abuse of someone with whom the perpetrator has a personal relationship with. The following are considered to have a personal relationship:

  • Current or former spouses;

  • Current or previous domestic partners;

  • Parent or grandparent and their child or grandchild;

  • Parents of the same child;

  • Current or former household members; or

  • Couples or persons who are currently or previously dating.

In addition, committing any of the following acts is considered domestic abuse.

  • Attempting or threatening to cause bodily harm to the victim;

  • Inflicting bodily injury to the victim or the victim’s family; and

  • Committing sex-related crimes, such as statutory rape and sexual battery.

Domestic violence is a serious offense. If you’re charged with committing a crime involved in domestic violence, seek legal help immediately. Our skilled criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Andrew Dósa can evaluate your options and prepare a strong defense for your case. Call our office at 510-333-4564 or fill out the contact form to schedule a consultation today.